Join London’s


1. Need a shop page with one checkout.  Cost to join the club is $25/child and $20 for each additional child up to 3 more in the same family.  1 time fee and need to collect names, addresses and emails (email needs to populate into an email list for distribution on readathon updates and events)

2. Each member will receive the following:

  1. Need a sign up sheet (adobe type) that children can fill in with their own commitment to reading during the year.  It needs to be something they can print out and put on their wall/refrigerator/etc. To show what they have committed to. (I’ll make this in canva and send it to you)

  2. There needs to be a print out for their own book tracking system. (I’ll make in canva and send it to you)

  3. A bookmark for them to color and use while they read their own books

  4. A BE shirt (tentative as I need to check cost)

London’s List

This is a spreadsheet of all the books that she has read so far.  It will be updated once a week at a minimum, but I would like to it to pull automatically from a google doc.